Volunteer Committee


Want to get involved with PSBTA?  This is the place for you!  This committee is for individuals who are interested in volunteering their time and assisting with committees with various needs. Active participation on committees provides for professional growth as well as invaluable leadership experience.

By providing a network where those pursuing careers in travel management can associate closely with others who share common goals and ambitions, membership in PSBTA can help affect real and lasting changes in an important aspect of the global business community.  If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please send a request to [email protected].

We have both single volunteer opportunities which are designed to be a one-time volunteer commitment, or have a limited time commitment or we have opportunities that would require a dedicated time commitment by joining a committee or working on a specific event.

Below are some Single Volunteer Opportunity activities that need volunteers during the monthly meeting events:

  • Being a new attendees lunch buddy at a monthly meeting
  • Registering individuals at a monthly meeting
  • Selling Bingo Tickets at a monthly meeting

Below are some Single Volunteer Opportunity activities that require more of a time commitment than the monthly meeting needs, but are still a limited engagement:

  • Making phone calls to members of PSBTA for membership renewals
  • Making phone calls to members of PSBTA to secure event sponsorship or donations
  • Helping with Social Media posts (Facebook Live from Events, Twitter Updates, etc)
  • Go to DC with the Government Committee Co-Chairs for Legislative Symposium
  • Attend a Seattle Travel related City Hall Meeting or contact City Hall on behalf of PSBTA for a travel issue
  • Organize a single issue PSBTA outreach to contact elected representatives               

Below are some type of volunteer activities that would require long term commitment and more than 3 hours a month from a volunteer:

  • Joining a committee
  • PSBTA Gala
  • PSBTA Education Day
Volunteer Chair

Ruth Trail
Mayflower Park Hotel
405 Olive Way
Seattle , WA 98101
e-mail: ruthtrail@aol.com