Q1 2017 Newsletter - Published 3/30/2017


Puget Sound Business Travel Association

March 2017

President's Report

Is it really March already?   Time flies when you’re having fun.  We kicked off 2017 ready to celebrate the accomplishments we made in 2016 and build on our chapter’s success in the coming year.  I appreciate all of you that have joined us for this adventure and I promise we have some amazing content, venues and good times ahead. 

Each of our PSBTA Committees is working tirelessly to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our chapter. We are introducing easy ways for you, our member to be involved. From single volunteer opportunities to helping on the gala committee, we would LOVE to connect with you.

If there is anything that I or the Board can do to make PSBTA a better organization for you, please let me know. Your feedback is always appreciated. 

Thank you for your continued support and participation in PSBTA!




Ryan Schlemmer


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Welcome New Members

Amanda Kenning – Hilton Garden Inn Seattle Downtown 
Arthur Dong – Xiamen Airlines
Ben Alexander - Corporate Traveler
Brittney Calabro - Edgewater Hotel
Cassie Konecny – International SOS
Christopher Zahn – Teague
Claudia Rutt – Hilton Garden Inn Bellevue
Crystal Bauer - Hotel Andra
Dana Divine – Red Lion Hotels
Homing Tam – Delta Air Lines
Jennifer Petak – Avis Budget Group
Jody Huber – FROSCH GC&E 
Kaye Munson - Bentall Kennedy
Kelly Morgan – Essence Digital
Kelly Norwalk – SLS Hotels
Ken Grant - Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group
Kenneth Donlon - AC Hotel Bellevue
Kenneth Olenick - Wally Park
Kristen McKie – Moss Adams 
Kristina Cudworth - A PLUS Housing
Lia Santini – Teague
Liz Albright - Suite America Corporate Housing
Magnus Harsum –  Hainan Airlines
Marita Simpson - Silver Cloud Hotel Stadium
Michael Dragoni – Teague
Michael Hensley – Fred Hutch
Michelle Ward - Best Western Hotels & Resorts
Mike Burton - ABODA
Noriko Okada – Delta Air Lines
Peter Gamez - Two Roads Hospitality
Sara Satterlee - ZGF Architects
Scott Southern - Aqua Star
Sheela Hodges – Oakwood Worldwide 
Stan Kachakov - National Corporate Housing
Steve Peterman - HRS Global Hotel Solutions

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Member Highlight

 Direct member: Peggy Almanza from T-Mobile

1. Current position: Travel Program Manager      
2. How long have you been a member of PSBTA?: I believe 8 years but can you double check with PSBTA?
3. What do you like most about PSBTA? Networking and the speakers
4. How long have you worked in travel? 25 years
5. What made you interested working in travel?: I took a tourism course in high school and was instantly hooked! 
6. What is your favorite travel destination?: The Italian Coast. All the small towns south of Sorrento are gorgeous
7. What are you most excited about these days? Spending time with my family and traveling


Allied Member: Jeannie Gerena from Hyatt Regency Bellevue

1. Current position: Senior Sales Manager/Corporate and Leisure Travel / Hyatt Regency Bellevue
2. How long have you been a member of PSBTA?: Since January 2013 (after 24 years on the group side of the business).
3. What do you like most about PSBTA? The comradery between all the members, whether a travel buyer or an allied member. Everyone is very open and available as a resource as we all maneuver the business of travel. 
4. How long have you worked in travel? Officially, since 1985 – starting off as a front desk agent at Hyatt LAX. 
5. What made you interested working in travel?: I grew up as an airline dependent. My stepmom has a true travel bug (which is why she joined the airlines starting with TWA, and then Pan Am back in the day). Because of her, our family was exposed to the world. I am only sorry that I didn’t take more advantage of the opportunity. And she still has the bug at 80… we should all be so lucky! For me, this was not my original road map – instead, a job I knew I could do easily having while attending grad school… but I stuck with it… and here I am 32 years later. And only have my Bachelor’s Degree (in a completely different field, of course!) So basically, this was one big accident that has seemed to work out.
6. What is your favorite travel destination?: There are so many places I have yet to visit (long bucket list), but I do love me some beach and the pacific ocean – Kauai is perfect for that peaceful break.
7. What are you most excited about these days? Good question as the world is a little scary right now. Professionally, I love the current culture of my hotel and my company. Having started in 1985, I have truly seen a shift in our mindset, and that there is more to our business than revenue. It may sound corny, but Hyatt really does care about us all being our best.


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Feature Volunteer

Stan Kachakov - National Account Executive for National Corporate Housing

Stan has been great help to PSBTA with his contribution in meeting registration, attending board meetings and updating our Twitter account. Graduated with an Economics degree, Stan is currently doing his MBA at Seattle U.  He had a very colorful path towards his travel career.  First 5 years of his career was spent with Enterprise Holdings.  He managed CLE airport operations and left as the Regional Corporate Accounts Manager for the NE Ohio territory.  Stan relocated to Seattle in 2007 and worked 5 years for Ajilon Finance (Adecco) as a Finance Executive Recruiter.  After that, he went back to tourism managing Corporate Accounts for Avis Budget Group in WA, AK, ID and MT for 6 years.  

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Industry Updates

North Satellite Extension project for SEATAC

The Port of Seattle officially broke ground on February 3 on the North Satellite Modernization Project which will expand and renovate the 40-year-old facility to better serve passengers and respond to continuing growth at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The $550 million expansion and renovation of the north satellite will include adding eight new gates with a 240-foot extension of the building to the west, add an upper level mezzanine, more than double the existing dining and retail square footage, and introduce a rooftop Alaska Airlines lounge with views of the Olympic Mountains. The phase one expansion is scheduled to be open in 2019 followed by the renovation of the current facility to be open in 2021.

The expansion and renovation of the North Satellite will improve operational efficiency, and enhance the travel experience with more concessions, seating areas, power outlets and other amenities. Alaska Airlines will maintain Horizon Air regional flights out of Concourse C, which provides fast, easy and direct connection to the North Satellite through the satellite train system. Operations at the North Satellite will continue throughout the construction process. 

The Port announced in late January that Sea-Tac jumped up to the ninth busiest airport in the U.S. with a sixth straight year of record-breaking passenger traffic in 2015. The eight percent increase, to 45.7 million passengers, pushed Sea-Tac up from its previous ranking of 13th, moving past Houston, Phoenix, Miami and Charlotte. The current average of 125,000 passengers per day would make Sea-Tac Washington’s fifth largest city or equal two sold out CenturyLink Fields.

-from Tomorrow@SEATAC Coalition

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Feature Article

 PSBTA Supports DECA  

On March 3, 2017, PSBTA members volunteered their day to hear some of our state's best and brightest in the statewide DECA competition.  Our relationship with DECA started in 2016 with a sponsorship and volunteering at their annual competition.  This year we continued that effort and were very impressed by what we saw and heard.  

Thank you for all the donated wines in our recent March luncheon.  This will be great help for for Deca's annual fund raising event in April.  


10 Tips for healthy Business Travel by Annalisa Thomas from Kelley Ross Pharmacy Group 

International travel is an essential part of doing business in today’s global economy. And whether you’re a technology manager heading off to a data center in Mumbai, or a global health expert deploying to Tanzania, it’s important to consider the health and safety risks that come with traveling abroad.

Pre-travel health consultations are a great way to prepare for international trips. These visits offer services based on your needs and travel destination, and may include preventive medical care, vaccines and important safety reminders.

Here are 10 tips to help ensure you’re asking the right questions and getting the best advice possible to safeguard your wellbeing.

1.     PREVENTIVE HEALTH - Certain vaccines and medications are critical for people traveling to countries where the risk of infectious disease is high. Talk to your healthcare provider about what is recommended or required for diseases currently impacting your travel destination.

2.     PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS - If you have pre-existing conditions that require medication, make sure you play it safe and stock up before you travel. Drugs that are easily accessible at your neighborhood pharmacy could be hard or impossible to find while traveling, and some parts of the world have a high rate of counterfeit drugs.

3.     SPECIFIC RISK FACTORS - Travelers to the same country may be at risk for different kinds of emerging and existing diseases based on their travel plans. It is important to filter risks by areas that are rural, urban or in crisis and take into account how risk levels may vary due to intended activities or seasonal factors.

4.     COMMON HAZARDS - Everyday interactions with food and water can cause common ailments like traveler’s diarrhea or food poisoning, and mosquito-borne illnesses are a serious danger worldwide. Be prepared by learning about common hazards in the areas where you plan to travel so you can identify ways to reduce or avoid unnecessary risks.

5.     IMMUNIZATION HISTORY - Don’t just assume that your immunizations are up-to-date, especially if you’ve moved a lot or don’t have a longstanding relationship with your doctor. If you don’t know your immunization history, clinicians can help you identify relevant records, discuss common vaccines you may need as an adult, and help you keep accurate records going forward.

6.     CULTURAL AWARENESS - Take a holistic approach to thinking about your health care. In addition to medical care, be aware of practical tips for staying safe in any country. Being mindful of car and traffic safety or a region’s cultural attitudes, for example, can prove to be life saving.

7.     PLAN EARLY - It’s recommended you contact a travel medical specialist as soon as you know you are going to be traveling internationally. Some vaccinations need multiple doses or time to become effective, and others, such as Yellow Fever (required in some countries) or Japanese Encephalitis, can be hard to find. Planning ahead means you can focus on business (and maybe some fun) instead of worrying about your health and safety.

8.     INSURANCE AND PRICING -Many companies offer multiple insurance plan options, but not all cover travel services. A clinician will help navigate employee benefits and make recommendations that take into account both risk level and cost. Being honest about your pre-travel consultation budget, as well as your standards of travel, will help you get the best care for your money.

9.     BUILD A RELATIONSHIP -If you find a trusted travel clinician, try to maintain that relationship like you would with any other medical provider. They can better serve you on future trips,can be available for calls during and after your travels, and can help assess when you should seek medical care.

10. THE MORE YOU KNOW - Countries, risks and applicable immunizations are always changing, so thorough research before you go is recommended. One valuable resource for this kind information is the Center for Disease Control’s website - Consulting with a travel expert in addition to your own research can take the guesswork out of each country’s unique travel recommendations.

 A little preparation goes a long way before a business trip. If you have questions about international travel, contact a travel clinic for personalized preventive medical care, vaccines and holistic health advice that will help you stay healthy, safe and productive anywhere on the globe.

 - Submitted by Jenn Rea from Tin Can Strategies

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 March 2017



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