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Puget Sound Business Travel Association

June 2017

President's Report

Who is ready for SUMMER? I know I am and I’m thrilled to share that PSBTA is too.

July 15-19 almost 7000 attendees from 50 countries will make their way to Boston, for GBTA Convention 2017. This year’s theme – CONVERGENCE – was developed to address the latest trends, issues and guidelines that have emerged as the business travel industry has evolved. For those of you attending Convention, we will be hosting a PSBTA Chapter Gathering in Boston, so please send me a note if you would like to join in the festivities.

The fun does NOT stop there, August 16th we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Summer Social on the rooftop at Oakwood SLU. Wait till you see what we have in store for this awesome event.

We have a LOT going on. Be sure to visit for the most of up to date information on events as well as the latest and greatest from PSBTA!

We are thrilled to have you as a part of PSBTA. If there is anything the Board or I can do to be of assistance, please reach out to us as we are happy to assist and want to make sure you are getting the most out of your membership with PSBTA.

I can’t wait to spend some quality time with you all of you at one of our upcoming events!

Ryan Schlemmer
Puget Sound Business Travel Association




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Welcome New Members

Mary Fischer - Marriott Seattle Airport
Andrew Martinez - Thompson Hotel
Laura Running - Kimpton Hotels
Jordan Hathaway – Embassy Suites Seattle North Lynnwood
TC Florentine – Apptio
Tiffany Williams – Westin Bellevue
Michelle Peterson – Hyatt House Bellevue

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Member Highlight

 Direct member: Kalviny Man from Zillow Group


1. Current position:   I’ve been with Zillow Group for over 9 years and have been the travel manager now for just over a year.
2. How long have you been a member of PSBTA?: 10 months
3. What do you like most about PSBTA? I like the relevant/local travel information I get from PSBTA, as well as the networking opportunities to meet my peers.  
4. How long have you worked in travel? Unofficially as part of finance for 8 years, and officially for just over 1 year.  
5. What made you interested working in travel?: I’ve always loved traveling and especially flying. I still think it’s amazing that a giant metal tube can transport us through the air safely.  
6. What is your favorite travel destination?: I love the beach so anywhere with water.  Hawaii and the Caribbean are probably my top choices.  
7. What are you most excited about these days? That summer is finally peaking through so I can take some top-down road trips!


Allied Member: Angie Darby from Executive Travel Consultants, Ltd. 


1. Current position: President, Executive Travel Consultants (ETC), Bellevue, WA
2. How long have you been a member of PSBTA?:ETC has always been actively involved in the PSBTA and has been for at least 30-years.  Previous members have included: Kathy Bass, Mark Sparks, Becky Townsend, Mary Fladland, Lisa van Ommen, Helen Rathvon, and currently myself.
3. What do you like most about PSBTA? Learning.  I’ve learned about new vendors and what’s important to our corporate travel managers.  I love the community of our incredibly hard working and passionate members and I’ve met a lot of very nice people.  I like that I can reach out to anyone at the PSBTA and ask a question.  With over 400 airlines, 650,000 unique hotel properties and 36,000 car rental locations it’s impossible to know it all but when I don’t, I know someone that does and my friends at PSBTA are a big part of my resource circle.
4. How long have you worked in travel? 34-years. 10-years at Boeing’s Travel Department and 24-years at Executive Travel Consultants
5. What made you interested working in travel?: I was going to school to be a legal secretary and running out of money when I met an Apollo GDS Technician at a dinner party.  He was working on a new installation of Apollo GDS workstations in Boeing’s Travel Department (Boeing Field at the time) and advised me they needed help.  One week later, I was booking travel reservations utilizing reservation cards, while I waited for my new “Blue Box” Apollo GDS.  We sat around drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and booking travel direct with the airlines over the telephone.  I learned everything I could during my 10-years with Boeing’s Travel Department but I have an adventurous side to me that wanted to start my own business, and see the world.  Once travel gets in your blood, it becomes part of you.  The challenge of planning the perfect meeting, learning to configure the newest OBT, or traveling to a new destination for the first time in this ever changing, fast pace industry, gets me out of bed in the morning and fills my soul.   
6. What is your favorite travel destination?: I travel for different reasons and depending on the purpose and how much time I have, my favorite destination changes. 
When I need…
Down Time: A beach. Maui or Cancun 
City Life: New York
Family History: England 
New Destination: Dubai
To Party: Vegas
River Float Naches River
Family: Home 
7. What are you most excited about these days? Working from home.


Allied member: Benjamin Alexander from Corporate Travel Seattle

1. Current position: Pacific Northwest Business Development Manager, Corporate Traveler USA
2. How long have you been a member of PSBTA?:
 Almost 4 years? (I think…..?)
3. What do you like most about PSBTA? 
Networking and keeping in touch with all my hospitality industry friends! Of course, all the awesome info from the lunch presenters and………BINGO!
4. How long have you worked in travel? 
14 Years
5. What made you interested working in travel?:
 A family road trip to the Canadian Rockies as a kid, and a stop at the Chateau Lake Louise. We were a “Camping Family” and I couldn’t imagine what it might be like to stay at a hotel like that. When Fairmont was recruiting at WSU, I was 100% obsessed with the opportunity based on the impression the hotel left on me. I thought I if I worked at a resort, it would be like being on “vacation” all the time……hmmm
6. What is your favorite travel destination?: 
New Zealand
7. What are you most excited about these days? 
Motorcycles and Woodworking.

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Feature Volunteer

Christopher Davies - Oakwood Worldwide

Christopher Davies is an Account Executive of Oakwood Worldwide since Feb 2016.  Prior to joining the travel industry, he was a Divisional Retail Merchandiser at Nordstrom.  He has helped us a lot the past few years by volunteering to be a lunch buddy and sell Bingo Tickets.  His enthusiasm and energy is contagious!


Cassie Konecny - International SOS


Cassie Konecny is an Avid PSBTA Volunteer with being a new member lunch buddy, helps out registration and selling Bingo tickets. She had been also helping out on product research in our IT Committee.  Thank you for your help Cassie! 


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Industry Updates

How to survive the Gauntlet of Convention by Robert Wade

  1. Wear Comfortable shoes
  2. Find a buddy, make them go everywhere with you. They can act as a shield as well as emotional support
  3. Bring business cards. Every booth will want to scan your tag, but have cards to give to other attendees, and to drop in raffles, etc . 
  4. Split up education sessions. Chat with your buddy and a couple of others. Find out who has overlap in sessions you’re interested. Split up, then share notes. Robert will also be collecting notes from anyone that wants to share and publishing them to all PSBTA direct members. Watch for that email.
  5. Hydrate. It’s a lot of walking, and possibly a lot of drinking. Stay hydrated. 
  6. Plot a course. I spend the first couple hours of the expo just walking the floor and taking notes on who I need to see. Then I plot a course through the floor to make sure I get them all. 
  7. Day 2 – repeat, but with a focus on the vendors you need a little extra time with. 
  8. Make appointments with the vendors you need more time with.


An Ever-changing World…Don’t Blink - A review of ACTE's Annual Conference in New York City by Suzanne Juneau

In April, I was fortunate to attend the Association of Corporate Travel Executive’s (ACTE) annual conference in New York City and Iet me just say….it was quite a show! After 35+ years in this industry, there is still so much to learn. And this industry never stops changing, so you have to keep up! 

The attendance was approximately 1200 people with an average tenure of over 20 years in the business, but with the exciting topics discussed….it was all news to us! Hot topics included the future of travel payment, including virtual payments and the utilization of bitcoin. Artificial intelligence was a strong topic with heated debate and great discussions as to where and how it fits in our landscape today. Will it replace humans and how will it affect service levels? Predictive analytics was another hot topic, and I am now well aware of how it promises to reshape our business travel world as we see it. 

I highly recommend you continue to learn. Never let yourself become complacent, because corporate travel is not a static industry. Be open to constant change and value the opportunities we have to learn through our industry events.


Space Needle plans glass floors and thrilling views with $100M renovation (Video and Images)

 Preview of the share image


Renovated cruise terminal reopens in Seattle: Travel Weekly 


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 June 2017



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