Buyer / Supplier Wars

Thank you all who made it to PSBTA's Education Day on Friday, October 7th.  Our afternoon session with Shawna Suckow - Buyer/Supplier Wars, certainly was too short and could not answer everyone's questions.  In response to numerous people who would like to continue this conversation, I am posting the questions that were gathered at the event. 

Please feel free to answer any questions you wish.  Restate the question in your comment.  If you wish to remain  anonymous, please email, and I will post as -unknown-. 

Thank you - Lisa van Ommen - Education Day Chair



BUYERS - What do you like least about sales people?

BUYERS -  favorite method of first contact?

BUYERS - What is the most effective way to get your attention?

BUYERS - How much follow up is too much?

BUYERS - What makes a supplier offer more attractive?

BUYERS -How can sellers help speed up the buying process?

BUYERS - How do you base your pricing expectations?

BUYERS - Rate vs relationship

BUYERS - Hard savings or cost avoidance – what’s more important?

BUYERS - Do you read the entire RFP?

BUYERS -How come you don’t respond when a hotel calls about hotelligence?

BUYERS - Are you willing to provide a number of hotels you are using in “Seattle” and total production to city?

BUYERS - How do you fulfill all market share requirements for multiple preferred suppliers? Where is the priority?

BUYERS - Where to you get benchmarks for the city? Do you group them or just lump them together? (by level of starts in a hotel)

BUYERS -What is your biggest pet peeve about a supplier/TMC? If you are thinking about switching TMC’s

                Would you be upfront about it?

                What signs should we (TMC’s) be looking for?

BUYERS - Why is it so difficult for buyers to get their employees to adhere to their travel policy and preferred suppliers usage?

BUYERS -  why can’t we have the end of quarter “pricing” conversation prior to the actual quarter end?

BUYERS - Why do you over commit, knowing you cannot achieve?


BUYERS - How do you prove duty of care?

BUYERS/SELLERS -What data do you wish you could have that’s not available to you today?

BUYERS/SELLERS -What is your biggest source of information when heading into a buyer/supplier discussion?

BUYERS/SELLERS - What is the most valuable component of your vendor/buyer relationship?

SUPPLIERS - Why do suppliers insist on signed contracts?

SUPPLIERS - Deadlines – why the recent trend towards short deadlines?

Do you think this industry is trending towards savings as the goal or more traveler satisfaction?

SELLERS - How to get company rates without a buying history to back it up?



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