GREEN New Years Resolutions! So easy....

Go Green in 2014!


I will compost my food waste.

I will reduce water bottle usage by my family.

I will teach my family to refuse unnecessary giveaway items.

I will think how to repurpose items before throwing them away.

I will donate household items instead of throwing them away.

I will switch all light bulbs to energy efficient

I will put my indoor lights on timers and change my outdoor lights to sensor lights


I will turn off lights in hotel rooms to reduce energy cost.

I will use only one trash can in hotel rooms to reduce plastic liners waste.

I will join a vanpool or carpool to work

I will change my printer font to Century Gothic, it uses less ink/toner than any other font.  (7 times less in most cases)

I will switch my page default to dual sided

I will work with a facilities manager, HR, or other relevant departments to work on office related energy savers such as turning lights off at night, putting recycling bins around the office, and even allowing partial tele-commuting where it makes sense