Membership Committee


Our goal is to engage and develop new and existing members to the organization. We work closely President, Sponsorship, Speakers, Communications, administrator and other PSBTA Board members.

Membership Committee Responsibilities: 

  1. Review incoming applications from the PSBTA website.
  2. Insure applicants meet qualifications for membership, verify form of payment, contact applicants to advise them on the process, confirm their membership status.
  3. Email welcome from the President to new members and provide them with membership information.  Invitation sent out to new members to sit at President’s table at next general meeting.
  4. Present new membership list to the Board and update list of new members on the website monthly. Acknowledge/introduce new members at monthly luncheon.
  5. Contact new members 90 days after joining to answer questions and obtain feedback.
  6. Assist subcommittees in accomplishing tasks and follow up on action plan timelines.
  7. Begin renewal Process late November
  8. Send renewal reminder email letters by Feb. 10th following year
  9. Recruit new Direct and Allied Members for the year


Sub-Committee Responsibilities:
Recruitment:  Manage list of Prospective New Members and provide updates/discussion at monthly Board Meetingson how to increase membership  

Renewals: Manage annual membership renewal process via website.   

Hospitality: Manage “welcome” program. 

·        Identify lunch buddies for new members for each monthly meeting.

·        Obtain list of event attendees and assign list of new members to “buddies”. Prepare new member/guest nametags with appropriate ribbons.

If you have any questions or would like to join please reach out to us at [email protected]

Membership Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Join the Committee
  • Make phone calls regarding membership renewals
  • Be a meeting lunch buddy for a first time attendee/new member
  • Follow up with new members – make a call 30, 60, 90 days out and see how they are doing and if they are coming to an upcoming event