PSBTA Member Convention Scholarships

Qualified travel industry related training course, seminar, or conference; and required seminar or class for GBTA certifications.
All current, active members in good standing. Prior to submitting the completed form, the applicant must gain authorization from their employer for the time away from the office required for attending conferences and/or classes. 
Current involvement in PSBTA; personal, professional and organizational benefits; industry involvement
Amount Available
Refer to Scholarship application for details.
Application Deadline
Refer to Scholarship application for details.
Application Process
Interested member should complete and email, mail or fax the application form (see link below) to: 


PSBTA Scholarship
Lisa van Ommen
Fred Hutch
1100 Fairview Ave N
Mailstop J4-100
Seattle, WA  98109

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 206-667-5397
Fax: 206-667-6359

Education / Scholarship Review and Selection Panel is comprised of the Boards of Directors of PSBTA. New Scholarship Applications will be reviewed at each Board Meeting, typically held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Applicants will be then be notified by the 3rd Monday of the month following receipt of the application.
Payout Process
Scholarship funds are paid out via expense report and receipts submitted to the PSBTA Treasurer. All scholarships must be used within the calendar year. Click here for expense form.
PSBTA Expectations
Members would commit to sharing experience, information and learnings at a PSBTA luncheon, meeting or direct forum.

        To download the application click:  2017 Scholarship Application